VOMon Logo VOMon (VOService Monitor)
What's the weather like in the VO today?

VOMon generates status reports for IVOA-registered services such as SIAP servers, MySpace servers and registries.

Installations of VOMon:

URL What it monitors
http://vomon.roe.ac.uk/status.xml All services in the International Virtual Observatory ivoa logo
http://thor.roe.ac.uk/vomon/ag-status.xml Core AstroGrid Services astrogrid logo
http://thor.roe.ac.uk/vomon/status.xml Wide Field Astronomy Unit Services wfau logo
http://thor.roe.ac.uk/vomon/cam-status.xml Cambridge Services IoA logo

About VOMon

VOMon is a mashup of the Astro Runtime and MARS, glued together with Python.  
VOMon uses the Astro Runtime to query a Registry to obtain all the services that match an admin-specified query.  By default it queries the central AstroGrid registry, but can be configured to query any IVOA-compliant registry.  This list of services is updated every day, so that VOMon will always have an up to date list of services to monitor.  The services are passed to MARS which does the actual monitoring.   Currently this monitoring consists of simply pinging the accessURL and checking the response.  Some services such as Cone and SIAP, have default parameters appended to the accessURL to ensure they do not fail.  Once the VOSI interface is widely supported, VOMon will be upgraded to use that.  
VOMon can either output a status reports such as those given by the above links, present the user with a GUI interface, or send status changes via jabber, email or Atom. Here is an example blog generated by the Atom feed: http://vo-weather.blogspot.com/


VOMon may be downloaded from here.  You'll need Python and Java 5+.

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